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Edmonds Community College is committed to diversity, equity and social justice.A' The college values its talented, diverse workforce and seeks to attract, hire, and support employees who consistently and actively embrace diversity and equity.A' We are intentional about social justice A cents € " the active engagement toward equity and inclusion that addresses issues of institutional, structural, and environmental inequity, power and privilege. HEAD START TEACHER/FAMILY ADVOCATE A' The majority of Head Start classrooms house two classes, a morning and an afternoon class.A' There is a minimum of 30 minutes up to an hour between the morning and afternoon classes. A' Class days are four or five days per week and classes are between four to six hours long. Scheduled staff days are generally Fridays.A' Scheduled staff days (non-school days) are for planning, classroom preparation, team communication, family services and health follow-up, and training.A' A minimum of once a quarter, the TFA plans and conducts parent center meetings that generally occur in the evenings and can last up to 2 hours.A' The TFA conducts two home visits and two parent-TFA conferences with the parents of each child in their class. A' Each class has a TFA. A' A' An Assistant Teacher is assigned to a morning and an afternoon class as the second adult.A' An hourly Teacher Aide may be assigned mid-day to assist with morning and afternoon lunches, morning staff break coverage and room preparation for the afternoon class.A' A' Scope of Work A cents € " Education, Disabilities and Mental Health A cents € " 75% or 30 hours a week The TFA plans, organizes, performs, directs, and assesses all work related to the development, implementation, and evaluation of educational programming and classroom safety for both individual children and for a class of 16 to 19 preschool children.A' A' The TFA must be able to plan and implement strategies and activities to teach children skills appropriate for the age, developmental level, and language ability for all children enrolled, including children with disabilities and dual language learners.A' TFAs promote school readiness by teaching self-help skills (including toileting) and social skills, providing a positive emotional climate in the classroom and employ developmentally appropriate classroom management practices and strategies to promote language, cognitive and physical development. A' A' The TFA is the lead in working with and engaging parents in their child's development and education.A' The TFA individualizes the curriculum to support individual children's learning goals; and objectives, manages the classroom, develops classroom curriculum and activities and meets with parents through home visits, parent conferences and in parent group meetings. A' To strengthen the home-classroom connection, the TFA provides the parents with a selection of home learning activities that promotes new skills or explores new concepts linking home with classroom through home learning activities.A' A' The parent working with their child in the home significantly contributes to the child's educational success A' The morning and afternoon TFAs co-lead the classroom team and direct the work of the Assistant Teacher, Teacher Aide, and regular classroom volunteers.A' All work is done in accordance with HHS/ACF/Office of Head Start Program Performance Standards, and the college and organizational service plans, policies and procedures. A' Under Education/Disabilities Manager's general direction, the AM and PM TFAs work together to establish the classroom environment that supports successful implementation of the curriculum, assures child health and safety, and promotes a positive emotional climate and effective classroom management practices;engage parents in classroom activities;provideA' direction and feedback to the Assistant Teacher and Teacher Aide;effectively plan, implement and evaluate classroom systems and plans, team communication and problem-solving;A' andongoing monitoring for compliance with procedures.A' A' The Education/Disabilities Manager (EDDM) is responsible for supervision, training and technical assistance, ongoing professional development, and monitoring the quality of education, disabilities and mental health services.A' Additional support from the Mental Health Specialist is available if there are children with developmental or behavioral concerns to support their inclusion, success and to secure additional services, if needed.A' A' A Pediatric Nurse and Registered Dietitian are available to consult on child health and nutrition or feeding concerns.A' The program collaborates with agencies and local school districts responsible for services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to coordinate services and ensure full inclusion of children with disabilities in all program activities. A' A' A' The program uses the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) to assess the quality of interactions between adults and children and between children in the areas of emotional climate, classroom management, and instructional support strategies, and to inform training and ongoing professional development. A' Scope of work - Parent and Family A' - 25% or 10 hours a week The Teacher/Family Advocate (TFA) works closely with all parents in their assigned class building trusting, positive, and goal oriented partnerships. The TFA engages parents on a variety educational topics covering health (medical and dental), nutrition, parenting concerns, financial literacy, community services, school and job skills, to name a few.A' The TFA provides health and family services within the scope of the Tier System.A' TFAs plan to spend at least ten hours per week doing health and family focused work with the parents in their classroom. A' The Tier System classifies family needs into services levels based on data and/or evidence that was reported, collected, and/or observed.A' Once assessed, resources are identified and allocated to meet families' needs. The Tiered System structures workflow and manages resource allocation with the goal to ensure families with the most critically presenting needs receive the required level of response and services. A' With support from the Health Program Assistant, the TFA works with parents to ensure their children have established medical and dental homes,their children are up to date and remain up to date on their EPDST exam schedule while providing exam records to the program,their children complete health and dental treatments, andthey receive the results of their child's health screens including if there are any concerns that need follow-up. A' For families with Tier Level 1 and 2 needs, the TFA works with the parents to assess their family strengths, interests, and needs, establish family goals, and develop strategies to reach those goals. A' The TFA provides referrals to community resources and services, and follows up on those referrals. A' For families with Tier Level 3 and 4 needs, Family and Health Services Team (FHST) takes the lead, assigns a case manager to work with the parents in assessing the family's strengths, interests, and needs, establishing goals and developing strategies to meet those goals.A' FHST also takes the lead on addressing health related tasks for families with Tier Level 3 and 4 needs. The TFA works under the direction of the FHST supporting the developed strategies and completion of health tasks. A' The TFA and FHST meet regularly in scheduled Family Case Reviews.A' There are two purposes for having Family Case Reviews.A' One is to provide consultation and reflective supervision and the second to accomplish the following three tasksA' Task 1:A' For Tier 1 and 2 families, the TFA present status reports highlighting progress and identifying any emerging concerns.A' Task 2: For Tier 3 and 4 families, the HSAT and TFA update status, assess outcomes and adjust strategies as needed. Task 3: Assess then plan for aggregate needs based on collected family assessment data. A' The TFA works under the guidance of the Family and Health Services Team in the development, delivery and evaluation of integrated comprehensive health, parent and family services to child, parents and family. A' The Family and Health Services Team core members are FHS Specialist who is also the team facilitator, mental health specialist, pediatric nurse, and Education/Disability Manager.A' The TFA is brought in as need requires. A' Supervision The TFA supervises the Teacher Aide and On-Call Aide providing guidance and corrective instructions; conducting work task reviews, giving input into employment recommendations, recommending training, assigning work, monitoring outcomes, and completing the Aide's work review.A' The TFA provides regular reports to their Ed/D Manager on the Aide's work status.A' A' The TFAs are responsible for directing the work of the Assistant Teacher during their Head Start class time.A' This includes, but not limited to providing guidance, feedback and corrective instructions; assigning work and monitoring outcomes to ensure quality, continuity and consistency; giving input into employment recommendations, recommending training, and contributing to the Assistant Teacher's performance review.A' Each TFA provides regular reports to their Ed/D Manager on the Assistant Teacher's work status.A' A' With the educational staff, interns, student teachers, and volunteers assigned to a class, the TFA is responsible to regularly assign, instruct, direct, check, and provide feedback on their work, and to give their Manager input into their performance evaluation.A' A' The Education/Disabilities Manager (Ed/DM) directly supervises the TFA and reports to the Head Start Education/Disabilities Director.A' The Ed/DM AA' provides TFAs with coaching, training, technical assistance and supervision in accomplishing day-to-day workA' in the areas of children's education, parent engagement in education and child development services and home learning, oral health practices, classroom meal service, child mental health and social/emotional well-being, classroom safety practices, coordinating with other early childhood education programs, services to children with disabilities, transitions to and from Head Start, standards of conduct, training and professional development in early childhood education, effective record-keeping and self-monitoring, and achieving program school readiness goals. AA' provides guidance in the development of children's individual learning plans and classroom curriculum; AA' oversees the quality of TFA's classroom and case management for services to children AA' monitors for compliance with Performance Standards, established protocols and procedures and in completing established and assigned work tasks AA' is the first-line problem solver for work issues within their scope; and AA' as the first line supervisor signs timesheets, establishes work schedules, as needed or required, completes appropriate internal personnel paperwork submitting to EdCC HS & EHS A' Human Resource office, conducts performance reviews, and makes employment and training recommendations to the Head Start Education/Disabilities Director.A' A' The Head Start Education/Disabilities Director oversees the implementation Education, Disabilities, and Mental Health activities, ensuring there are adequate resources allocated to accomplish those tasks within timelines, staff accountability for their time, effort and service quality; and ensures professional behavior meets the HSPPS and EdCC HS & EHS standards. A' The Family and Health Services Director oversees the implementation of family and health services ensuring EdCC-HS & EHS is in compliance with OHS Head Start Performance Standard, quality services are delivered and EdCC-HS & EHS policies, protocols and procedures are adhered to.A' The FHS Director monitors TFAs' performance, work product and outcomes in their execution of health, parent and family services providing feedback and directing corrective actions.A' For each TFA, the Family and Health Services Director provides performance critique on each TFA's skill and knowledge in completing FHS tasks and responsibilities along with training recommendations for the TFA's performance review and Professional Development Plan.A' A' A' Expectations, Knowledge and Skills The TFA is expected to conduct his/her work in a respectful manner with all children, parents and employeesensure the health and safety of all childrenmaintain compliance with Head Start Performance Standards, program policies and procedures .A' maintain child, parent, family and staff confidentiality;accurately complete all required forms, paperwork and data entry in a timely, neat, readable and appropriate manner;conduct all work relationships exhibiting attributes identified in Edmonds CC Workplace Civility and Respect Policy and in SCHS &EHS Professional Standards.relate to and work with parents of diverse socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and educational backgrounds.develop community and school relationshipsdemonstrate proficient skills as measured by the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) of no less than 6.0 in emotional support,A' 6.0 in classroom organization, and 5.0 in instructional support .participate in the growth and strengthening of their early childhood education skills and knowledge throughparticipating in ongoing training and professional development, including the use of video recording for coaching and feedbackearning 15 professional development (clock) hours each yearA' andat the beginning of second year of employment, enrolling in a baccalaureate degree program in child development, early childhood education, or equivalent courseworkWithin 18 months of hire, at a minimum, earn a credential or certification in social work, human services, family services, counseling, or a related field A' The TFA must demonstrate a working and theoretical knowledge of:A' child development and developmentally appropriate practicestrategies to ensure active supervision, safety and health in the classroominteractions and strategies to optimize emotional support, classroom management and instructional support, including strategies for working with children with disabilities, dual language learners and multilingual classroomsliteracy and language development, including strategies for promoting English language acquisition for dual language learners;early childhood screening and ongoing assessmentstrategies for successful transition for children into Head Start and from Head Start to assessmentindividualizing goals and objectives based on each parent's goals, interests, needs, culture, language, ability and temperamentfamily literacy and language developmentchild physical and sexual abuse, and child neglectfactors affecting low-income familiesmotivational Interviewingfamily literacy and language developmentcommunity services and collaboration, resources, and referrals A' The TFA must exhibit skills to assign and direct staff's work, providing timely feedbackdevelop staff, parents and volunteer skills in working in the classroomlink families with appropriate community agencies and serviceswork in collaborative relationshipscommunicate effectively which includes the ability to establish trust and understanding, negotiate, compromise, express empathy, ask open ended questions, define a problem or need, build consensus, reach resolution, and if needed respectfully resolve a misunderstanding or conflict.efficiently manage time, tasks, and sharing of pertinent information A' Essential Functions Consistent attendance for both the Teacher/Family Advocate and the child is necessary to the success of the child's educational experience, is essential for learning continuity, and establishing consistency of expectations.A' As such, punctuality and consistent attendance are essential functions of this position.A' A' A' It is the expectation that T/FAs maintain at least a 95% attendance throughout the school year. A' The TFA must be able to perform the following essential functions under the environmental conditions outlined below: conducting and evaluating developmental and behavioral screenings, referring children with suspected disabilities to the Local Education Agency (LEA) for further screeningconducting ongoing observations and assessments, using the results to develop and implement individual learning plans for each child and the class's curriculum, periodically evaluate and update as neededplanning, conducting minimally 2 home visits and 2 parent-teacher conferences, evaluating results and updating children's education plansplanning and conducting a parent-teacher conference for children transitioning into kindergarten and/or out of EHS into HSrepresenting the child's Head Start educational experiences in conferences with other A' program staff, specialists, A' and/or agencies providing services under IDEA.assisting parents in strengthening their engagement in the their child's learning through home learning activities, participating in center activities and volunteering in their child's classrepresenting the parents strengths and needs with community agencies and services A' Represent the program while interacting with community agenciesworking with parents to identify and assess their family's strengths and needs, develop goals and strategies to reach their goals, and, as needed, provide resources and referralsidentifying and establishing the child and family's medical and dental homes A' Assist parents in establishing medical and dental homesworkingA' with the A' FHS team to implement the tiered A' model for family servicescompleting documentation, data entry, and reports in an accurate and timely mannerco-leading the Classroom Education Team with the other TFAexhibiting strong organizational, record-keeping and documentation skills plus basic computer skills that allow the TFA to write, respond and send emails, establish and update work calendar, complete database entry and generate established reports, and create documents in a word processing programWork in a respectful manner with all children, parents and employees; comply with HS Program Performance Standards for managing child behavior and standards of conduct, and exhibit the attributes identified in the program's Professional Behavior Expectations, and Edmonds CC Workplace Civility and Respect PolicyWhile in the presence of children, assure the safety of each child by remaining alert and focused at all times, making quick and spontaneous decisions using problem-solving skills and good judgment based on organizational policies and proceduresMaintain the safety of the environment and children through visual, auditory, verbal, mobility and smell.All staff must maintain Early Head Start & Head Start children and parents' confidentiality and handle child, parent and family information in a confidential, professional and sensitive manner, exercising appropriate discretion in sharing the information as outlined in program policies, procedures and on a need to know basisPunctuality and consistent attendance are essential functions of this position; maintain consistent attendance as exhibited by no less than 95% attendanceCommunicate in English (both orally and in writing) at a professional level with staff, clients, children, management, outside agencies, educational community, and the public in small to large group settings, one-on-one, or on the phone providing grammatically correct and content appropriate information suitable for diverse populationOperate a PC computer accurately inputting data and statistics into established spreadsheet, database and word processing programs and assigned work website; maintain required paper and electronic documentation, record-keeping and tracking systems.A' Operate other electronic equipment, such as a tablet PC and video cameraUse established databases, spreadsheet and/or word processing programs; generate documents and reports; and use e-mail system, calendarInstruct children and adults in a classroom settingObserve, compare, or monitor data and children's behavior to determine compliance with other prescribed standardsComprehend and make inferences from written material.Produce written documents with clearly organized thoughts using proper sentence construction, punctuation and grammarSet-up a preschool classroom that requires moving of child's size furniture, tables, chairs, shelves, and regular sized shelving unitsDevelop and implement and classroom systems and strategies to ensure that children are supervised at all times by keeping them within visual and auditory range, accounting for their whereabouts at all times, and ensuring that no child is ever left alone or unsupervisedPerform regular sanitation/cleaning of the classroom that may require the use of a broom, carpet sweeper, mop, vacuum, and the use of cleaning productsDrive a personal vehicle A' Qualifications Minimum Qualifications At the time of hire, a Head Start TFA must have A' A' A' A' A' A' A' A' A' A' Completed high school or GED.A' This must be verified by college transcript or by submitting copies of high school diploma/GED certificate.Degree Requirement (copies of college transcript(s) required with application.A' Official transcripts will be required if job offer is made):an associate, baccalaureate, or advanced degree in early childhood education which includes supervised student teaching in a preschool classroomA' ORa degree in a related field with an ECE major which includes 30 college credits in six or more courses (of no less than 3 credits each) in early learning/education PLUS a supervised student teaching experience in a preschool classroomExperience teaching 1 full school year (minimum 9 consecutive months, does not include supervised student teaching) in a preschool educational program as the lead/head/primary teacher of a class of no less than 15 preschool age children; the preschool program must be in a licensed center, a Head Start/ECEAP/ same/similar program or a school district preschool/pre-K program. A' Desired Qualifications Three or more years' experience as a preschool teacher.Experience in a Head Start/ECEAP program working with children and parents.Additional professional work experience:doing home visits;working with low-income children and familiesworking with a classroom of mostly non-English speaking studentsExperience supervising classroom staff and parent volunteers.Work experience that required establishing/maintaining complex paper and electronic records, comprehensive documentation and establishing/updating client database.Current first aid and CPR certification.Spanish Language Proficiency A cents € " accomplish work with parents without the aid/support of an interpreter; proficiency will be tested. A' Additional Information Conditions of Employment Hiring for this position is on the condition that the following requirements will be met: A' Before Starting Work: Paperwork indicating negative TB Test or clear chest x-rayProof of Tdap (Pertussis) vaccinationPresent or obtain a Food Worker Card from Snohomish County Health District.Show proof of a cleared Portable Background Check from the Washington State Department of Early LearningA' (NOTE: A' if you do not have a current PBC, you must first create an account in the DEL's MERIT system byA' clicking here. A' The fees for obtaining a PBC are your responsibility. The entire process of obtaining a PBC takes 3-4 weeks. A' You may not start working until we have a copy of your cleared PBC.) A' Within three days of hire: Submit proof of US Citizenship or ability to work in US (must show original social security or Alien Registration Card/Work Permit, as well as one piece of picture identification).Completion of all pertinent personnel/payroll forms. A' Within two weeks of hire: Completion of state mandated compliance trainings:A' State Ethics, Diversity Basics, Sexual Harassment Prevention, and FERPACompletion of the following Head Start mandated trainings:A' Blood borne Pathogens, Child Abuse/Neglect, and Confidentiality, and SCHS & EHS Professional Expectations/Standards and Edmonds Community College's policy 6.5.600 Work Place Civility and RespectBegin Hepatitis B vaccination series A' Within 30 days of hire: Applicant must provide verification of earned college credits in the form of official transcripts.Union Shop Fee: You must become a member of the classified union or pay a representation fee or non-association fee within thirty calendar days of your hire. A' Within 60 days of hire: Signed statement by a health provider that the employee is free from communicable diseases and physically able to perform job responsibilities.A' A' Within 6 months of hire: Obtain pediatric/adult 1st Aid/CPR certification (must be maintained in current status) A' Within 18 months of hire: At a minimum, a credential or certification in social work, human services, family services, counseling, or a related field A' Condition of continued employment: Keep all certifications and clearances in current statusEvery school year, earn 15 professional development hours in early childhood education, early learning, and/or child growth and development as identified in your professional development plan.At the beginning of your second year of hire, enroll in a baccalaureate degree program in child development, early childhood education, or equivalent courseworkSuccessfully complete a nine-month probationary period. EEO/AFFIRMATIVE ACTION STATEMENT: Edmonds Community College is an equal opportunity employer and assures equality of treatment in educational and employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex (gender), disability, sexual orientation, age, citizenship status, marital status, veteran status, or genetic information.A' Applicants with disabilities who require assistance with the recruitment process may call 425-640-1470 or 425-640-1832, and accommodations will be made to the extent reasonably possible. The Human Resources Office is accessible to persons with disabilities. Heraldnet Jobs. Keywords: Head Start Teacher, Location: Lynnwood, WA - 98036


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